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5 Steps to Finding the Best San Antonio Lawyers

Posted on Sunday, August 20th, 2017 at 8:07 am    

For many, entering into a legal battle can feel terrifying. Especially if you’ve never been through a trial, it may seem confusing, frustrating and downright exhausting.

What can really make or break your experience is who you have behind you. Hiring the right attorney will ensure you are receiving the representation you need.

Not all San Antonio lawyers will offer the same time and effort as others. Also, it’s important that your attorney is someone who is experienced and knowledgeable, all-around.

Hiring a lawyer usually comes in a time crunch. If you need someone to represent you, here are five things to look for prior to onboarding an attorney.

1. Do they usually handle your type of case?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an error that quite a bit of people tend to make. Whoever you’re hiring should have relevant experience handling your specific trial.

If you’re involved with a car accident case, you wouldn’t want to hire a workplace attorney. Your attorney’s area of expertise needs to match the crime.

It may seem tempting to go with other San Antonio lawyers for different reasons. Perhaps, they’re a family friend who can cut you a deal on their services. Or, maybe a colleague had recommended┬ásomeone who is up for pro bono work.

While this may sound appealing upfront, in the long run, it’s going to cost you. You need someone who is knowledgeable about your case and your specific needs.

The right person will be able to identify what has and hasn’t worked in the past. After discussing previous strategies, they should adapt accordingly to your case.

2. Look for San Antonio Lawyers with Good Recommendations

Sure, we don’t recommend going with just anyone who has been thrown your way. But, referrals can be an excellent place to start.

Reach out to family, close friends and colleagues about your situation. You’ll want to make sure they know you’re looking for someone who specializes in whatever sector.

Inquire about their trial and whether or not they got their desired results. If they did, ask about their overall experience with the attorney.

Was this person open and honest? Communicative? Direct? Pleasant to work with?

If your friends and family haven’t hired a lawyer before, then you could always start online. Browse through consumer-driven sites, such as Avoo, to find attorneys in your area.

Also, you could do a general internet search for “XYZ lawyers near me” (XYZ being your type of case). Then, visit their BBB page, social media accounts, etc.

3. Set Up an Initial Consultation

After doing your research, you should have at least one attorney that you’d work with in mind. But, although they may look good on pen and paper, how do you know they’ll live up?

That’s why it’s imperative to set up an initial consultation with your potential San Antonio lawyers. You’ll be able to put a name to a face, get a feel for their services, and determine if they can help you.

During your consultation, you should come prepared with questions. If you don’t receive the answers you were hoping for, it could be a sign to find another candidate.

Some of the common questions you should ask at a consultation are:

  • What is your experience with my type of case? How many have you handled like mine?
  • What were the results of these previous trials?
  • What is the average time length of my case?
  • What can I expect to pay? How often and what exactly will I be billed for?

When visiting an attorney, also make note of their office space. Is it clean and professional? Is their staff orderly and efficient?

4. Usual Processes and Procedures

After asking the above questions (among others), you need to get down to the nitty-gritty. This is when you need to figure out the most important details of your case.

When meeting with a potential attorney, inquire about the details surrounding your situation. Thoroughly explain your case without any restraints. Your lawyer needs to be as knowledgeable about your situation as possible.

If you’re suing, what is the likelihood you’ll win? How much can you expect to earn? What will you and your team need to do to win?

The same goes if you’re the one who’s facing legal trouble. What is the usual sentence for someone in your position? What’s the likelihood you’ll face punishment?

This insight lets you know how your attorney plans to move forward. They’re going to have a different approach, depending on their take towards your case.

Also, they should go over what is and isn’t usual in your type of case. What is the normal procedure for this type of trial? What will you need to do to be successful?

5. Request a ‘Background Check’

Prior to hiring an attorney, you should visit a state directory to conduct a background check. In Texas, you should visit the State Bar website to check for any disciplinary action.

Visiting the State Bar of Texas ensures you are hiring someone who’s in good standing.

Or, you can visit the American Bar Association’s disciplinary action resource page. This lists other agencies who provide public information on lawyers in your area.

As mentioned above, your inner circle can be a great outlet to learning about a lawyer’s history. Did they seem ethical and honest when working with your friend/family member?

Don’t let someone who talks a big game fool you into thinking they’re ethical. Instead, you should ensure they are by reviewing their background history and hearing from others.

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