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How the Texas Good Samaritan Law Affects Your Liability

Posted on Friday, October 25th, 2019 at 8:35 pm    

Have you ever been a Good Samaritan? According to Texas law, a Good Samaritan is someone who stops by after seeing an accident or people who have been injured and tries to help in good faith. It might involve direct physical help, verbal comforting or simply directing traffic and calling emergency services.

Although the concept of a Good Samaritan seems nothing more than being a good citizen, many people are concerned about the possible implications if something goes wrong if they stop to help. What happens if you stop to give any kind of help and the person who is injured or unwell becomes worse, or even dies? Could you be blamed for what has happened, even if it had nothing to do with what you actually did at the scene?

The Good Samaritan law in Texas, like many other states, is designed to remove liability from anyone who does offer their help at the scene of an injury. It doesn’t matter what type of accident it is, although the most likely is a traffic accident. It also doesn’t matter what your skills are, or whether you have any medical knowledge at all. That means that whether you are a truck driver, an accountant or a nurse, you cannot normally be held liable if someone you are helping seems to become worse while you are at the scene.

Note that Texas law does not make it compulsory for anyone to stop and help, even if they are a medical professional. The decision is entirely left to the person’s conscience and personal ethical judgment. In fact, this is typical of most other states where Good Samaritan laws are in existence. There are a few states which have taken legislation a step further and make it necessary for health professionals to stop and render assistance where they can if they have come across an emergency situation.

The Good Samaritan law comes with qualifications

As you might expect, the Texas Good Samaritan law comes with a few qualifications. For a start, it only applies to those who stop and help through a voluntary act. If they expect to ask for payment at the injury scene, they then become liable for any medical malpractice that eventuates. That means that if a doctor turns up at a crash site and suggests to an injured person that he / she will help the victim for some kind of remuneration and the person agrees any kind of deterioration that results from the doctor’s actions could be blamed on that doctor. A medical malpractice lawsuit could then result.

Liability may also lie with the helper if that person acts with deliberate or wanton disregard for safety and that act of negligence directly results in a worsening condition of the person who is being helped.

To take an example, if someone comes to an emergency situation and attempts to move someone who obviously shouldn’t be moved before properly trained paramedics turn up, then this could be regarded as negligence if the injured person’s condition is directly negatively affected. There is obviously a grey area here where a person’s actions could possibly be regarded by some as ‘negligent’ while others may consider that the helper was only genuinely acting out of good faith.

Liability remains for a driver who has caused an injury to one of his / her passengers

The Good Samaritan law does not apply to someone who has already been implicated in causing another person’s injury. For example, imagine a driver runs down a cyclist. By law, the driver is expected to stop and give assistance, even if that is only calling for emergency services to appear. The fact that they have stopped to give assistance does not absolve them from liability as it is possible that there may be proof that their actions contribute directly to the cyclist’s injuries before the cyclist was given assistance.

If you have been injured in any kind of accident and have been injured further when someone came to help, you will need to discuss the accident thoroughly with an experienced personal injury attorney. Call The Injury Lawyer San Antonio at 833-210-4878. An assessment of the details of your accident will provide a realistic way forward for you to recover the compensation you deserve when you have been injured as a result of someone else’s poor decisions and negligent acts.

Distracted Walking a Personal Injury Concern in San Antonio

Posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 5:28 am    

It has been recognized for some time that distracted drivers are a major cause of traffic accidents. Distracted driving has increased in line with the uptake of mobile devices and the incessant demands of social media and the need to communicate. But the very same devices are carried by pedestrians and cyclists. Distracted walking has become as much a problem as distracted driving, except that when there is a collision between a distracted walker and a motorist, it is most likely the pedestrian who comes off the worse for wear.

Distracted walking accidents are most common when pedestrians cross roads, either when on purpose designed crosswalks or in other places. Accidents also occur when pedestrians are actually on sidewalks or are walking close to a highway, usually in an urban setting.

Who is to blame in a distracted walking accident?

Texas now has rules on using mobile devices when driving. Using a cell phone, either to make a voice call or text is not the only type of distraction, of course. There are other distractions, some of which have been around for a long time, like eating or drinking while driving, fiddling with a radio or CD player, reading a newspaper or book, looking out the window, talking to someone in the same vehicle and so on. Generally, any accident that has been caused by negligent distracted driving comes under the umbrella of careless driving. If a pedestrian is hit by a distracted driver, then the pedestrian will have the right to claim compensation through a personal injury claim.

But what if the pedestrian was distracted at the time the accident happened? There are different scenarios here that should be explored separately.

Firstly, if the pedestrian was crossing at a controlled crosswalk and was hit, then the liability would be heavily weighted towards the driver, even if the pedestrian didn’t notice the driver coming towards him/her.

Compensation in a shared fault accident

If the pedestrian was crossing a road at any other point, and was hit by a driver, the relevance of what the pedestrian was doing at the time would be more important. Texas has a modified comparative negligence rule that prevents a plaintiff from pursuing a personal injury claim against someone who injured them if their own share of fault was determined to be more than 50%. In the event that the plaintiff’s share of the blame was less than 50%, then they may then be entitled to a percentage of the total compensation claimed.

For example, a distracted walker is hit by a car somewhere in San Antonio. The accident does not happen at a crosswalk. The pedestrian files a claim for $10,000 in damages. However, the driver’s insurer makes a convincing case that the pedestrian didn’t take enough care when crossing the road and was partly to blame for the accident. Eye witnesses confirm that the pedestrian was listening to music at the time. The case goes to court and the judge determines that the pedestrian was 30% at fault and the driver was 70% at fault. The amount of compensation is calculated at $7,000 i.e. the plaintiff loses 30% of the amount claimed because of the fault apportioned.

Distracted walkers may even become defendants in a reverse personal injury scenario. For example, a pedestrian suddenly crosses a road while busy attending to his cell phone. A driver attempts to miss the pedestrian but crashes into a barrier instead. Because the driver is injured and her car is damaged, she has the right to sue the pedestrian (who remained uninjured) for economic and uneconomic damages. Whether the pedestrian is actually capable of paying compensation is another matter, as it is not compulsory to have insurance when walking.

Distracted driving and distracted walking accidents can become complicated. If you have been involved in any such accident and were injured, you should contact Injury Lawyer San Antonio for advice on pursuing legal action against whoever was to blame. You can contact a personal injury lawyer at the office of Injury Lawyer San Antonio at 833-210-4878.

Aging Oil Pipelines – a Ticking Time Bomb

Posted on Sunday, August 25th, 2019 at 10:38 pm    

The death of a 58 year old woman and injuries to five others in central Kentucky at the beginning of this month (August) highlighted the growing problem of the nation’s aging fossil fuel infrastructure. The Kentucky deaths took place due to an explosion on the Texas Eastern Transmission gas pipeline, owned by Canadian company, Enbridge. 75 people had to evacuate when the explosion took place, with flames reported to reach 300 feet into the air.

If this explosion was just a one-off incident, there wouldn’t be such a worry about what it meant for other similar infrastructure. But, it’s not. The same gas pipeline has witnessed three gas explosions in the last three years with the Kentucky explosion the latest.

Much of the U.S. oil and gas infrastructure is over 50 years old – a ticking time bomb

The Texas Eastern is 8,835 miles long and was built in 1943 at the height of the Second World War to carry liquid petroleum to the eastern states and New York. The conversion to natural gas took place after the war ended. Much of the pipeline is now over 50 years old. The part of the pipeline that exploded just 70 miles from Louisville in Kentucky was over 60 years old. The other explosions on the same pipeline were in Ohio in January this year and Greensburg, Pennsylvania in 2018, when a man was so badly injured he spent months in hospital.

Part of the potential danger is that much of the pipeline and similar oil and gas pipelines that makeup the estimated 2.6 million mile network across the country, now lie close to built up areas and dense residential neighborhoods. The Ohio explosion destroyed two houses and the Kentucky explosion led to the evacuation of 75 people from their homes.

Enbridge is no stranger to pipeline problems. It experienced one accident every 20 days between 2000 and 2018 somewhere on its network of pipelines. Some of these accidents were oil or gas leaks and others were explosions.

Enbridge is also implicated in some of the country’s worst oil pipeline spills. The largest on record happened in 2010 when an Enbridge pipeline burst open in Michigan. The oil in this case was thick, tar sands from Alberta. 1 million gallons of the stuff eventually leaked into the river near Kalamazoo in Michigan. It took over a year and 1 billion dollars to clean up the spill that involved cleaning large amounts of extremely toxic chemicals that are carried together with this particular oil in the pipelines.

In November last year, an Enbridge gas pipeline exploded in Canada, in an area where First Nations people lived, forcing their evacuation.

50,000 gallons of oil were leaked from a ruptured Enbridge pipeline in Wisconsin in 2012. 17,000 tons of soil that had been contaminated had to be removed. In the same year, 58,000 gallons of oil from an Enbridge pipeline leaked out in Alberta.

Refineries like Exxon’s Baytown refinery are equally a risk

Aging pipelines are not the only fossil fuel infrastructure risk. Many of the oil refineries that still operate were built years ago. Some are over 100 years old, including Texas’s very own Baytown refinery, expected to reach 100 years old next year. Part of the Baytown refinery burst into flames just 24 hours before the Kentucky pipeline explosion. The Baytown refinery, owned and operated by Exxon, is now 200 times as big in scale as it was 100 years ago when it was built to refine just 2,500 barrels of crude oil a day. The refinery has not only expanded in capacity but now houses chemicals and plastics plants and the petrochemical site where the fire took place.

Contact Injury Lawyer San Antonio if you have been affected in any way by a petrochemical pipeline or refinery accident

Oil and gas companies may be taking shortcuts and ignoring safety issues in the name of making a profit when it comes to maintaining their aging infrastructure. The result can be horrendous fires, oil leaks and human tragedy. If you, or a loved one, have in anyway been injured in an oil infrastructure accident, contact Injury Lawyer San Antonio for professional and dedicated legal help at 833-210-4878.

Child Fatality Rate in Texas Day Care Facilities – Answers Wanted!

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2019 at 10:31 pm    

Texas legislators are grappling with changes that can be made to help reduce the shocking child fatality and serious injury rate in the state’s day care facilities.

According to an investigation by the Texas Tribune, there have been 88 fatalities and more than 450 children sexually abused in the state’s child day care facilities in the last 10 years. The deaths reportedly occurred through either physical abuse or neglect within these institutions. The spate of fatalities has led to an increase in the number of wrongful death claims filed by parents.

The Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, and leading legislators have said that they are looking at ways that the law can be changed to make these daycare facilities safer. One problem is that many of the facilities that are offering services to the public are actually illegal and are escaping investigation by state authorities. The fatality and abuse rate in these illegal facilities is reportedly higher than facilities that are licensed.

Investigation into widespread abuse of children dropped after 4 years

In 2013, a 30 person investigative unit was set up to examine the incidence of neglect and abuse in the state’s facilities and determine which ones were trying to operate under the radar. However, the unit was abandoned after four years. By all reports, the number of illegal day care centers had dropped by then to less than half during the existence of the unit.

Creating another new investigative unit is one of several proposals being considered by state legislators.

One other proposal that has been somewhat controversial is to make it compulsory to have surveillance cameras installed in every center. This was something that Rep. Ana Hernandez, with the help of a mother who had lost her 3 month old baby in one of the state’s centers, was addressing in proposed new legislation. Shawna Diaz lost her 3 month old to neglect in a Houston day care center in 2016.

Day care workers are apparently apprehensive about the possibility of installing cameras, saying that it makes their already stressful job more stressful. Some parents have also expressed concern, mainly emphasizing their doubts about the video content of their own children taken by the cameras being available to other parents.

Compulsory liability insurance proposed for all daycare facilities

A professor in early childhood education at Texas A & M University-Commerce, David Brown, has suggested that all childhood centers, regardless of size, should have liability insurance. He says that apart from having insurance available to fund lawsuits by parents against the centers when children are harmed, it would mean a toughening of regulations as insurance companies demand higher standards of care as a price for securing insurance.

Legislators are also calling for a survey of staff child ratios in Texas day care centers, suggesting that this may have had an effect on the quality of care provided. Senator Judith Zefferini is intending introducing a bill in the state Senate to set up such a survey.

Did your child suffer abuse or die in a San Antonio daycare facility? Contact Injury Lawyer San Antonio today

It can be heartbreaking to discover that the very place you trusted your child with has neglected their duty of care and your child has been harmed in some way as a result. If your child has suffered in any way while in the care of a San Antonio day care center, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the Injury Lawyer San Antonio for professional and dedicated legal help at 833-210-4878.

Is Texas Too Lenient Towards Crane Operators?

Posted on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at 8:22 pm    

Texas likes to be known for its superlatives: “Everything is bigger in Texas” as the saying goes. Not everything that is bigger in Texas is quite so praiseworthy, though. The Lone Star state leads the country in deaths from crane accidents and there is speculation that the penalties for violations by crane operators and construction companies are just too weak to deter poor maintenance and inadequate supervision.

Most crane injuries and fatalities happen to workers on construction sites, but now and again a member of the public is affected. That’s just what happened last week in Dallas, when strong winds toppled a crane, killing a woman in her own apartment, injuring others and destroying homes. Maybe the fact that this was no-one directly involved with the operation of the crane who was affected it might just lead to tightening up on lax enforcement.

In the Dallas accident, there is no argument that exceptionally strong winds directly caused the collapse of the crane, which fell with such force that it crushed an apartment block in its path. The fatality was a 29 year old woman, Kiersten Smith. However, the blame for the accident and its effects cannot be solely aimed at the weather that day in Dallas. Texas, like many places in the U.S., is used to occasional very strong winds. Cranes are supposed to be designed to withstand such winds. One ex federal crane accident investigator mentioned after the Dallas crane collapse that cranes are built to withstand 140 mph winds. The highest recorded gust at Dallas airport the day the crane collapsed was 70 mph. Even allowing for higher gusts in the vicinity of the crane, this was still only half the designed safety limit.

The ex crane investigator said that there are precautions that can be taken when a crane operator knows that bad weather is imminent. The main precaution is to tie down or weigh down the boom of the crane so that it doesn’t topple backwards, which is what happened in Dallas. The weather forecast issued well before the weekend when the thunderstorm blew through was quite clear about the possibility of strong winds, but reportedly the crane was unattended all weekend.

The crane belonged to Bigge Crane & Rigging Co. Representatives from the company have issued their “thoughts and prayers” to those affected and have agreed to fully cooperate with investigators, but the question is whether anything will actually change.

North Texas, in particular, seems to lead the country in crane accident fatalities, although in the last five years news about serious crane accidents has been reported in many parts of the country, not just in Texas. Not all crane accidents are due to strong winds, either. There are different reasons for these accidents. A crane accident in Seattle in April this year killed two people who were working on it and injured two more. The crane reportedly collapsed as the crane crew was attempting to dismantle it. Another crane accident in New York recently took place in the morning rush hour. The crane actually sliced through an apartment building, like the Dallas crane accident, killing one person.

Lack of enforcement could be reason for crane operator negligence

Because there is no apparent common thread emerging in these crane accidents, some attorneys representing injured accident victims have come to the conclusion that the rapid expansion of the construction industry is leading to a lack of effective enforcement and lax control over crane maintenance. In 2017 alone, there were 77 inspections made by OSHA of crane maintenance on Texas worksites. 71% of 65 violations were reported to be serious, according to federal officials. Many of these violations were deliberate or repeated after previous inspections. Fines for crane fatalities have been pegged at only $10,000 per fatality where investigations found that the crane operator was at fault.

If you, or a loved one, is injured as a result of a crane accident in Texas, you will need a resourceful and determined accident attorney to help you pursue rightful compensation. Contact the Injury Lawyer San Antonio at 833-210-4878.

What To Do When You Have Delayed Injuries After An Accident

Posted on Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 3:31 pm    

A car accident is a traumatic event that affects people in many ways. People react differently to them, with some having fractures and other injuries immediately it happens. With others, the lesions may not present themselves until later on after the accident. It may take even weeks, months or years to show. This may be stressful since you might have dismissed signing a settlement form with the insurance company of the driver at fault because the injuries were not there when it happened. If this happens to you, you might want to know what options for compensation are there and what course of action to take.

Types Of Pain That Are Delayed After An Accident

Once you have been involved in an accident, it is prudent to note that a headache may not be as normal as it was before. It may be something that you may need to watch out for since it may indicate signs of a severe injury that was not discovered before. These are some of the types of pain that should get immediate attention once you start experiencing them.

  • Headaches

A neck injury, concussion or even blood clot can result in headaches or dizziness. You should pay attention to the location of the problem and its severity. A severe headache may also indicate a brain injury, especially if your head was hit violently in the accident. You should see a medical practitioner immediately you get this symptom, to rule out anything.

  • Back Pain

Pain, especially in the lower back, may indicate an injury related to whiplash. It could also show signs of a sprain or muscle damage. If it comes with numbness or tingling, it could mean that you have pinched nerves.

  • Pain In The Neck Or Shoulders

It could point to a herniated disc or even spinal injury. It could also be a symptom of whiplash. Once you experience this, you should have some tests done.

  • Abdominal Pain

If left untreated, internal injuries can be fatal. Internal bleeding can cause dizziness and headaches.

  • Emotional Distress

There are many physical symptoms that one may have after an accident. However, the emotional ones are much harder to detect and can be very traumatic. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and some of the other psychological problems may appear way later after the accident. Below are some of the symptom of emotional distress that you should see a doctor immediately you notice them.

  • Mood Swings
  • You are having difficulty sleeping
  • Changes in appetite
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of interest in things you loved doing
  • Panic attacks

Seeking Medical Attention

Having delayed symptoms after an accident can be stressful since the insurers may be critical of the timing. Once you experience these symptoms, you should consult a doctor to do tests on you and see the extent of the injuries. Even though the accident was minor, seek medical help immediately to rule out anything. If you do not, the other side may claim that something happened in between the car accident and the injury. This may make it hard to prove that the accident caused the symptoms.

Get Yourself A Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you have seen your doctor, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to help you with your case. They will be able to negotiate with the insurers and also strengthen your claim. They will ensure that you are not unfairly penalized because the symptoms took too long to appear. They will also guide you on how to argue your case and what compensation you stand to get. Also, they will get an accurate estimate of the medical costs that may be incurred later if your condition will take long before it clears. They will also help build your case by using the medical experts to show that the injuries did not manifest until after the accident.

Having delayed injuries after a car accident can be frustrating for most people since they had thought that they were okay. Seeking compensation can be quite tricky since some of these injuries can take months before they show symptoms. It is therefore advised to get yourself a personal injury lawyer to ensure that the claims process goes on smoothly and you are compensated fairly.

Defective E-Cigarettes Can Cause Severe Injuries

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 5:59 pm    

Some people who have been struggling to stop smoking tobacco have turned to so called e-cigarettes, also known as vaping. E-cigarettes are touted as a safer alternative to the well known health dangers of long term smoking. However, e-cigarettes have their own risks as has been stated several times already by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The death of William Brown in Fort Worth earlier this year is just one example of what can happen when an e-cigarette user gets hold of a faulty pen.

The Fort Worth accident happened on January 27th this year. Brown had gone to a local vape store, apparently to ask for help with his vape pen, a brand called Mechanical Mod. The owner of the store declined to help him as he said that that type of vape pen was known to have faults. Not long after, Brown was seen clutching his throat and obviously in severe pain. The store owner called for emergency services who arrived swiftly and took Brown to a nearby hospital. Brown died two days later of a stroke that had been caused by an injury to his carotid artery. It appeared that the vape pen had exploded and a piece of the device had lodged in his neck, severing his carotid artery.

Battery faults singled out as cause of explosion accidents

This was not the only accident involving an exploding e-cigarette. There have been several others in other states, although as the FDA has noted, the explosions have not been common and it can be hard to be sure that a particular brand of e-cigarette may or may not be potentially deadly. The other accidents have all involved faults in the chargeable batteries that power the e-cigarette. The battery either gets so hot that it literally explodes under pressure or explodes during recharging. Readers may remember similar faults a couple of years ago with the Lithium ion rechargeable batteries installed in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 cell phones. These batteries caused several severe injuries at unexpected times, including on air flights, eventually leading to Samsung recalling the devices in September 2016.

One incident involving an e-cigarette last year involved the device catching fire when in someone’s pocket. In this case, it seems that it was the contact between the pen and loose change in the North Carolina man’s pocket that may have caused the fire. The victim in this case was severely burned. The man felt the cigarette burning in his pants pocket just before arriving at his home. He leapt out of the car and the cigarette then burst into flames and exploded with shrapnel hitting his face.

A report in July 2017 by the U.S. Fire Administration confirmed that most explosions had at that point mostly occurred when the e-cigarette was in someone’s pocket. The report said that although most of these explosions can be dealt with quite easily, some are potentially deadly.

E-cigarettes not just explosive but potentially toxic

The FDA says that e-cigarette use has exploded amongst younger people in particular. The dangers to users may on the whole be less than smoking tobacco, but they still exist, and not just because of the possibility of battery explosions. Some toxic substances that are known to be present in tobacco smoke are also present when inhaling e-cigarette fumes, although in reduced amounts. These substances are known to be carcinogenic. Added to that are the possible repercussions of faulty batteries or charging methods.

It has been suggested that battery problems can be minimized by carefully reading charging and handling instructions. Leaving them exposed to too much heat or enclosed in pockets for too long may exacerbate battery temperatures and lead to explosion. Part of the problem seems to be the number of different e-cigarettes on the market and the lack of proper regulation. It is just not known at this stage whether the possibility of explosion and fire is something shared by all e-cigarettes or only certain defective brands.

One thing is for sure. If e-cigarette use and vaping continues to expand without proper regulation, there will be more serious injuries and fatalities that will occur in the future. There is no excuse for manufacturing or distributing devices that have been known to have caused unexpected burns and lacerations from flying shrapnel. If this has happened to you, then you should contact a defective product lawyer in San Antonio as soon as you can to discuss what legal action you can take. Contact The Injury Lawyer San Antonio for professional and dedicated legal help at 833-210-4878.

San Antonio is Dealing With Electric Scooter Accidents

Posted on Saturday, April 27th, 2019 at 2:22 pm    

Electric scooters have become popular all over America, including San Antonio and other large cities in the state. In many places, they have been encouraged by city authorities as a part of an approach to providing alternatives to fossil fuel powered transportation.

In San Antonio, there are currently nine electric scooter hire companies. There are around 12,000 scooters somewhere around the city at any one time, not all in action at once. The city has been grappling with how to deal with a vehicle that is neither a bicycle nor a motorcycle, but somewhere in between. There has been a pilot scheme in operation and the city council has made several rules for scooter use which it is hoped will help to eliminate some of the problems that they have presented.

One of the problems is a rash of accidents, some of them quite serious. Both scooter hire’s and pedestrians have been hurt. There are many reasons why the electric scooters have caused a whole new set of potential accident scenarios.

One reason is simply that the scooters are a relatively new technology and many people who pay to use them in the city are not familiar with the way they should be handled. Riders have fallen off when the scooter hits a bump, goes around a tight corner or does not respond to the use of the brakes fast enough.

The scooters have a speed limit of 15 mph. That makes them faster than the ordinary bicycle, but slower than the average motorized vehicle. If they are ridden on a sidewalk they are a potential accident risk to pedestrians or other electric scooter rides and cyclists. If they are ridden on a road, then there is a danger that the scooter rider may be a victim of an accident. The scooters are safest when ridden on purpose built or designated cycle lanes or paths, but there simply aren’t enough of them to satisfy the people who choose to hire them.

Another problem is that the scooter companies do not provide helmets. Those people who hire scooters do so for limited periods of time because of their convenience and speed getting around the city, but generally don’t carry a helmet around with them.

A prohibition on the use of scooters between 11 pm and 6 a.m. was ruled by the San Antonio City Council some time ago, which helps to eliminate the rate of accidents in the dark, but doesn’t totally exclude them.

There have been at least two deaths in Texas attributed to electric scooter accidents; one in Austin and another in Dallas. The rate of emergency callouts and ER visits was reported as having spiked by over 150 percent in Austin after electric scooters were first rolled out in that city.

Electric scooters are just as vulnerable as any two wheeled vehicles and a collision between a scooter rider and a pedestrian, cyclist or anything more solid often ends up with the scooter rider falling abruptly on to the path, sidewalk or roadway. A scooter defect that has not yet been reported in San Antonio, but has affected scooters in some other U.S. cities and overseas, causes the scooter’s wheels to lock up and throw its rider on to the ground. Typical scooter injuries are similar to bicycle accident injuries:

  • head injuries including traumatic brain injury;
  • bruises, cuts and more severe lacerations
  • fractures;
  • broken ribs;
  • dislocations;
  • spinal injuries;
  • facial injuries including loss of teeth.

Electric scooters and personal injury compensation

There are two main ways in which electric scooters are the subject of a personal injury claim. If you were hit by a negligent scooter rider, then you may have grounds for filing a claim against them. Note that it is unlikely that the scooter rider would have insurance to cover an injury that they may have caused, so the claim would be made against their assets.

The second type of claim would be one made by the scooter rider if hit by a negligent vehicle driver, or against the scooter hire company itself if the accident was caused by a defect in the scooter.

As the use of electric scooters becomes even more popular in San Antonio it is likely that the number of injuries related to this method of transportation will increase. If you have been injured in a scooter accident in or around the city, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney in San Antonio as soon as your injuries allow you to do so. You can contact a San Antonio Lawyer for professional and dedicated legal help at 833-210-4878.


Injured on an Oil Well or Drilling Rig? Call a San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 4:22 pm    

Texas is a big state with a highly diversified economy. It has a huge oil and gas industry so it may not be such a surprise to learn that the state has the highest fatality rate for oil well and gas drilling blowouts and explosions. The oil and gas industry is in fact the most dangerous in the U.S. and Texas is the most dangerous state.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps records of serious injuries and fatalities according to the type of industry. Their figures may not be completely accurate as some accidents are not recorded for privacy reasons. The oil and gas industry is particularly vulnerable to fire and explosions caused by gas leaks. Although only 1% of American workers are involved in the oil and gas industry nationwide, the number of fatalities caused by fire or explosion is about ten times the average number in any other industry with the exception of firefighting.

To be fair, the actual incidence of serious injuries and fatalities in Texas may not be as bad as other states when the percentage of workers involved in the industry are taken into consideration. In 2013, for instance, it appeared that Texas had three times the number of oil and gas fatalities as North Dakota, another state where the industry is important, but on analysis the figures reveal that when the numbers of workers are taken into account, Texas fatal accidents are less than half that for North Dakota.

Accidents on oil and gas rigs are sometimes simply the result of the inherent danger of the proximity to a highly combustible material, but in many cases accidents are preventable. Workers are often injured or killed because of negligence on the part of the company involved in the operation. Methane explosions are particularly common. In one accident in 2010, for instance, supervisors continued to drill for oil after an old coal mine had been pierced, releasing a cloud of methane. The methane exploded, killing seven oil workers.

Workers not the only ones affected by oil and gas accidents

Oil and gas explosions and fires don’t always just affect workers. If they occur on land in the vicinity of buildings used for homes and offices, then others in the community can be seriously affected after a catastrophic accident. Theoretically, an oil or gas well should not be drilled close to anyone’s home, but the distance may not be far enough for all danger to be avoided. In the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and fire in the Gulf of Mexico, 11 workers died, 17 more were injured and there was also well documented catastrophic damage to the marine environment caused by the subsequent oil spill. The incident remains the U.S.’s worst environmental disaster to date.

Some accidents are caused by ignoring safety procedures. The methane explosion example above was in that category. In other cases, workers may not be sufficiently well trained to do the job they are doing or are not fully trained to follow safety procedures. Adequate supervision may be lacking. In the Deepwater Horizon incident, it was determined that Transocean, the company that was drilling for oil for B.P., had ignored concerns that the well’s blowout preventer was not able to be remotely activated properly in the event that a blowout occurred.

Workers’ comp. or personal injury?

Many Texans and workers from other states are employed in oil and gas wells and are at a higher risk of serious injury than most other workers. In most cases, if an accident causes an injury to an employee, then workers’ compensation should cover the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages and compensation for dependent families in the event of a fatality. Texas is almost unique in the U.S. for not having mandatory workers’ compensation requirements. Many employers in Texas do in fact take out workers’ compensation insurance. However, in the event that an oil and gas worker is not covered, a personal injury claim may be the only way of obtaining compensation.

For non workers injured by such an explosion or fire there exists the possibility of obtaining compensation through a personal injury claim. If you have been involved in an oil or gas accident and are not covered by workers’ comp., then you should arrange an appointment with a San Antonio lawyer to discuss your legal options and the possibility of a personal injury claim. You can contact the San Antonio office of the Patino Law Firm at 833-210-4878.


Personal Injury Claim: Can a Doctor Make or Break Your Case?

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 at 4:21 am    

Injuries in the result of an accident are personal in nature. Two persons involved in the same accident and vehicle will have a different nature of injuries. Similarly, the healing time will be different given their injuries. In this case, the doctor plays a vital role when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of the victim(s). A doctor’s diagnosis of the victims’ injuries and their medical record can make or break the personal injury case. If he makes the wrong diagnosis, or does not keep any a medical record or does not produce at any stage of the proceeding, this can damage the credibility of the victim leading to losing the personal injury case.

Seeking Medical Treatment Immediately After the Accident:

It is very important to seek immediate medical treatment after the accident. These medical records help in determining the link between the accident and consequent injuries. This step is very necessary because the treating doctor’s statement will have more credibility than the hired doctors who are usually paid for the opinion in such cases.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the victim does not seek medical treatment first and consults the lawyer instead, the court will find it difficult to link between the injuries and accident due to the time that has elapsed between the events. Moreover, the defendant can raise the argument that the injury was pre-existing and not the result of the accident.

The Follow-up Treatment:

Initial treatment is not enough after the accident. The personal injury victim must visit the doctor often and follow the instructions strictly. Moreover, the doctor may also advise that how long after the accident the victim can return to work or can perform other activities. In case the victim does not follow up with the doctors, such an act can be used against the victim that he or she has not taken appropriate steps to recover from the loss.

Keeping Medical Records:  

In a personal injury case, medical records are of vital importance as they serve as the key evidence. Moreover, these medical records must contain complete information about the victim’s accident, injuries, diagnosis, and treatment. For instance, these medical records must contain that the victim’s treatment was started as a result of his or her involvement in a motor vehicle accident. If the doctor proves this link between the injuries and the accident, it can be much easier to recover the compensation money from the insurance companies.

Doctors Being Associated with the Personal Injury Law Firms:

Some doctors have developed a reputation as being associated with the personal injury law firms. When the medical records crafted through these practices, the credibility of such reports come into question. As the personal injury law firms are also involved, it appears that these firms have developed such medical reports. Such doctors fall apart when the cross-examination is carried out. This can break your personal injury claim and the victim lose the case. So, it is advisable to go to the doctor who is not associated with such firms and establishes a good report.

Irrelevant Information:

It is important for a medical report to be perfectly scribed with all the relevant information. Although the attorney can discuss the report with the doctor, however, the doctor must include every relevant information about the treatment.

So, if you are suffering from injuries in the result of an accident, it is better to seek treatment from a well reputed and qualified doctor as well as follow his instructions while keeping a full medical record.