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San Antonio Bus Truck Crash: Who Was to Blame?

Posted on Thursday, May 4th, 2017 at 3:46 am    

Texas has dozens of truck accidents every year. Because of the sheer size of many of the trucks on our highways, serious accidents and fatalities are inevitable. However, proving who is at fault is not always easy. In some cases, this may be because the people involved in the accident all die at the scene or are so seriously injured that they cannot recall the events that took place before the accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) usually investigates most serious accidents on Texas highways as they do across the country and meticulously records the cause of the accidents as well as other data, such as who was injured and how many fatalities occurred. Where survivors or their families depend for their financial survival on information about the facts of a particular accident and, in particular, who was to blame, these NTSB investigations are very important.

The March 29 fatal accident involving a minibus carrying church members and a pick-up truck on U.S. 83 in Uvalde County is a good example of an accident in which so many people died or were seriously injured that there were few witnesses available to describe the events leading up to the crash.

13 senior adult First Baptist Church members from New Braunfels, Texas were killed at the scene of the crash, with the bus driver, who had been driving the bus carrying the crash victims. The pickup truck driver was also injured but is currently reported to be in stable condition.

The NTSB has already sent a team of crash investigators to the scene to find out what went wrong that day.

The accident happened in broad daylight, at 12.30 p.m. about 75 miles west of San Antonio on the U.S. 83. The church members were returning home to New Braunfels after spending three days at a retreat not far from where the crash took place at Leakey.

There is no indication at this point what the cause of the accident might have been. Initial images of the accident scene showed that both vehicles had collided head on with photos showing that both the bus and the truck had sustained severe damage.

The bus the church members were carried in was a 2004 Turtle Top. Turtle Tops come in different sizes, with smaller ones carrying 15 passengers and larger ones carrying up to 51 passengers. In the past, safety concerns surrounding the 15-seater Turtle Tops have been raised. This size bus has been widely used by church groups and other organizations to transport groups from one venue to another. There is no indication at this point what size the minibus was which was carrying the Baptist church adults.

Truck accidents may not always be due to a single factor. There may be more than one cause of an accident. Both drivers may have been partially at fault in this particular crash, or just one of them. Was it due to speeding, DUI, distracted driving, fatigue, reckless driving or another factor, such as an unroadworthy vehicle? Did the brakes, steering or some other important component, in one or both vehicles, fail at a critical time?

In time, the survivor and any family members of the deceased in this tragic accident will want to know what happened. It is not just a matter of adding more facts and figures to the NTSB’s database. People who are emotionally tied to the deceased will need to know what happened so they can gain some sort of closure. There may be breadwinners in that group. Their families may eventually agree to file a wrongful death lawsuit against whoever was at fault, but this will be impossible unless the facts are unraveled and the picture is clearer. If there was a problem inherent in one of the two vehicles then the investigation and any subsequent lawsuit will help correct a potential danger out on the roads of Texas and elsewhere across the U.S.

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