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Injury Lawyer San Antonio Annual Scholarship – $1000

The Injury Lawyer San Antonio Annual Scholarship seeks to give financial assistance to a student who has suffered through hardship and has continued with their education.

As a personal injury attorney, Dr Louis Patino, see’s people suffering through hardship everyday. He is always inspired by the determination of people who fight through their own personal hardships and move forward with their lives. 

We understand hardship comes in many forms, financial, emotional, physical. We also understand that the cause of such hardships varies greatly, it may be from an accident, a relationship breakdown, your upbringing, financial difficulties or your living situation.

The Injury Lawyer San Antonio scholarship offers a $1,000 scholarship to one person to be chosen each year. The winner will receive $1,000 to assist with their education or living expenses.

2019 Winners

In 2019, we received hundreds of great entries, we have decided to award 2 scholarships for $500 each.

Congratulations too:

* Brittany Cortez at the University of Texas: ‘The light will go out sometimes, but it’s up to you to figure out how to turn it back on.’

* Shalom Coronoa: ‘I can be broken, beaten down, and afraid of what life may bury me under, but I will never be afraid of the work I need to do to dig myself out.’

Both students are from the University of Texas at Rio Grand Valley.

2020 Entries


  • Currently enrolled students in any high school, college or university.
  • No minimum GPA required to qualify.
  • One entry per person per year

How To Apply

  • Applicants must submit a unique quote or motto of up to 50 words that is written by the applicant, that has personally motivated them to work through their hardships and live the best life they can.
  • Submit your quote or motto in the below form. Include your full name, a contact phone number and the name of the school, college or university that you are currently attending.

Applications Open

  • 15th of January 2020

Winner Announced

  • 15th December 2020 on this page

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About The Injury Lawyer San Antonio:

A leading San Antonio personal injury attorney, our firm has offices in both San Antonio and McAllen Texas. Founding attorney Dr. Louis Patino is a qualified attorney and chiropractor and served in the United States Armed Forces.